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The Val di Fassa offers a huge variety of hiking trails and excursion destinations. About 2,240 km of hiking trails, from easy walking routes to high Alpine routes, stretch through the mountain scenery of the valley and provide various possibilities for leisure time activities. 

Recommended hiking routes 


Starting from the Passo Fedaia we proceed on the hiking trail n° 698 and then on 601 up to the Passo Pordoi (2,239 m). On the same path we proceed down to the village of Col de Cuch (2,360 m). From this place we walk on to the Rifugio Fredarola and Rifugio Vièl dal Pan. We proceed and our walking route joins the path leading up from the Passo Fedaia. We follow this route up to the Rifugio Gorza Porta Vescovo.

A curiosity: The name of the path that connects the Passo Fedaia to the Passo Pordoi derives from the term “Trozo delli Pagani” that dates back to a document of 1779. In the course of time this denomination was modified basing on Ladin language and phonetics and became “Troi Paian” and “Vièl dal Pan”, which means “farmers’ path”, that is to say the connection route of ancient little villages to the main routes. 


Start of this hiking tour is the village of Pian de Frataces (1,715 m) close to the Rifugio Lupo Bianco, from where you traverse the Ruf Antermont and proceed on path n° 655. You traverse the valley “Val Salei” and reach the Rodella basin. Following the signboards to the Rifugio Valentini (2,218 m), you reach the path n° 557, leading to the Rifugio Salei (2,225 m). From this place you proceed towards the Sella Rodella, from where you reach the Rifugio Friedrich August (2,298 m). Via the route n° 530 you reach the Des Alpes refuge (2,392 m) and the Rifugio Col Rodella (2,485 m). 


From the mountain station of the Canazei - Pecol funicular, take the path to the “Col de Tena”, from where you reach the village of Pradai. On the forest road, you reach Pian de Dolèda, from where you can proceed down to Alba and reach the uninhabited hamlets of Verra and Lorenz. The name of the path by the way means “our people” and reminds of the history of the villages in the Val di Fassa: the steep slopes relate the tough labour of mowing and haying at this elevated altitude as well as the difficulties regarding the downstream transport of timber. Pian de Dolèda also reminds on the Ladin legends and the two hamlets of Vera and Lorenz, evidence of ancient Ladin architecture.


From the mountain station of the Sasso Pordoi funicular (12 km from Canazei), you reach the Rifugio Maria (2,950 m), from where you proceed on the hiking trail n° 627 leading to the Forcella Pordoi, where the eponymous mountain hut is located (2,849 m). Follow the same path up to 638, from where you ascend the Piz Boè and reach the summit within a short walk, with the Rifugio Capanna Fassa (3,152 m). If you descend on the opposite side, you reach the Rifugio Boè (2.871 m).


From Alba di Canazei you reach the Ciampac basin (2,180 m) by funicular. This is where our hike starts across the Val di Crepa valley. From Ciampac you proceed on the path n° 645 up to the Pian de Selle (2,352 m) and Fontanazzo. 

Of course we are pleased to give you also personal advice.

Ascent facilities in summer

As the Miramonti hotel is located only a stone’s throw away from the ascent facilities, it is an ideal starting point for trips throughout the green scenery of the Val di Fassa valley in summertime. 


  • Seilbahn Canazei - Pecol (June 15 - September 8)
  • Seilbahn Pecol - Col dei Rossi (June 15 - September 8)
  • Seilbahn Sass Pordoi (May 18 - November 3)
  • Canazei - Belvedere - Seilbahn Sass Pordoi (June 15 - September 8)
  • Alba - Col dei Rossi (June 15 - September 22) 


  • Seilbahn Campitello - Col Rodella (June 8 - October 6)
  • Seilbahn Forcella Sassolungo (Passo Sella) (June 13 - October 6)


  • Seilbahn Alba - Ciampac (June 15 - September 15)
  • Seilbahn Sella Brunech 


  • Seilbahn Fedaia - Pian Fiacconi (June 8 - September 15)
  • Alm Malga Ciapela - Marmolada Serauta (June 22 - September)
  • Alm Malga Ciapela - Punta Rocca (June 22 - September 15)
  • Seilbahn Padon (June 30 - September 1)

Further activities

Flying above the distinctive Dolomites, endless forests and green valleys, free like a bird. Take a special break from everyday life and try breathtaking experiences such as paragliding or hang-gliding, lasting experiences. 

Another idea for a special experience is to try a fixed-rope route, which the Val di Fassa has plenty to offer. At the Alpine schools you can rent the appropriate equipment and of course there are also experienced mountain guides who can accompany you in dizzy heights. 

The path of life: Between the villages of Campitello and Canazei, there is a very special path winding across the natural scenery, providing the ideal setting for any kind of outdoor activity in the heart of nature. Along this path you can find wooden outdoor fitness stations with information points explaining the respective exercises to do.   

Our nature park “Paneveggio - Pale San Martino” and “Sciliar - Cantinaccio” are also places that absolutely need to be visited. 

Paneveggio - Pale di San Martino can be reached via Pedrazzo (Val di Fiemme), its territory extends on the valleys of Val di Fiemme, Val di Fassa and Primiero. In the visitors’ centre in Paneveggio you can learn more about the extraordinary characteristics of the environment, reading stories of the Dolomites, its forests and animals. Only a few steps away there is an animal enclosure, where you can observe deer at close quarters. High towers of Dolomite rocks, red linear spruces, dark porphyry, the verdancy of pastures and the crystal clear water of the mountain lakes as well as large mountain streams characterise this area as well.  

Sciliar - Cantinaccio: The famous legend of King Laurin tells that the Catinaccio is a mountain chain that shines in a reddish colour at sunrise and sunset. Its most famous mountain peaks are the Catinaccio d’Antermoia, the Roda de Vael and the Vajolet towers. The protagonist, however, is still the “devil of the Dolomites”, which is the Tita Piaz of Pera di Fassa, even if it is still unknown why this mountain got this peculiar name. 


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